Boston Museum of Fine Arts Reaches Labor Deal with Workers | Entertainment

BOSTON (AP) — Employees of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts ratified their first contract on Tuesday, becoming the latest prestigious arts institution to protect workers with a union contract. The collective agreement is the first since museum workers voted to join United Auto Workers Local 2110 in November 2020, the union and management said … Read more

Inside the Intentionally Scandalous 1932 “Futurist Cookbook”

In 1932, a charismatic and provocative Italian poet declared war on his country’s most sacred idol: pasta. It was “an absurd Italian gastronomic religion”, decried Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in The Futuristic Cookbook, and those known to enjoy the “old-fashioned” dish were “melancholy types” who “carry its ruins in their stomachs like archaeologists”. They suffered from … Read more

#ChurchToo revelations multiply, years after the start of the movement | Health and fitness

By PETER SMITH and HOLLY MEYER – Associated Press A scathing report on sexual abuse and cover-up within the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in the United States A viral video in which a woman confronts her pastor at an Independent Christian for sexually attacking her when she was a teenager. A television … Read more

Fitness-focused Texans should check out these workout ideas for June

According to our Google searches, Texans are the most fitness-oriented people in America. ‘Gyms near me’, ‘healthy eating’, ‘workouts’ and ‘exercise’ dominate our search history, according to a study by fitness website BarBend, so it seems that we definitely have physical health over the brain. If you see yourself in this study, you’ll want to … Read more

Clergy of Color Face Unprecedented Mental Health Challenges | Health and fitness

By DEEPA BHARATH of The Associated Press and ADELLE BANKS of Religion News Service – Associated Press About two years ago, when coronavirus cases began to peak in her impoverished neighborhood of San Antonio, Reverend Norma Fuentes-Quintero found herself taking on an additional task: helping worshipers cope with anxiety. . The pastor, who leads the … Read more

Campus Ministries and Counselors Join in Fight Against Mental Health | Health and fitness

By GIOVANNA DELL’ORTO of The Associated Press and KATHRYN POST of Religion News Service ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — As student anxiety soars, campus ministries are trying to help not only by providing the comforts of faith and community, but also by creating collaborations with health professionals. mental health. On Ivy League campuses, major public … Read more

US Census Bureau: Losses of major cities at the start of the COVID pandemic | Health and fitness

By MIKE SCHNEIDER – Associated Press Ko Im always thought she would live in New York forever. She knew every corner of Manhattan and had worked hard to build a community of friends. Living in a small apartment, she saw her attitude change at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. After her brother accepted a … Read more

Artist completes replica of toppled statue of Columbus | arts and entertainment

A sculptor in Maryland has made a replica of the controversial statue of Christopher Columbus from Little Italy, and a local group plans to bring it back to Baltimore. East Coast artist Will Hemsley created the new statue using pieces of the original salvaged from Baltimore Harbor, where the monument was dumped after it was … Read more