And the Rockets’ red burst | Arts & Entertainment | Salt Lake City

The Good Thing About 4th of July Fall not a sunday is that you don’t have to worry about independence day celebrations literally falling on any day but Independence day. For 2022, events span the four opening days of the month. If you’re looking to find a place near you to honor the occasion, and … Read more

New normal | Arts & Entertainment | Salt Lake City

It’s been three years since the Utah Arts Festival held its traditional four days in late June. It might sound like a simple process of getting back to normal, except that Utah Festival of the Arts executive director Aimée Dunsmore isn’t quite sure what that word “normal” means anymore in terms of organization of the … Read more

Identity Matters | Arts & Entertainment | Salt Lake City

When I ask playwright Melissa Leilani Larson if it’s a good or bad thing to ask questions about racial identity when it comes to her play Mestiza or Mixed, she acknowledges that the question itself is about the complex relationship she has with her own racial identity. And the play is a way of struggling … Read more

Where to be proud | Arts & Entertainment | Salt Lake City

Elsewhere in this special issue, you’ll find a full list of “official” Pride weekend-related events. But those aren’t the only places (or ways) to celebrate Pride Month, whether in Salt Lake City or elsewhere in Utah. Here’s just a jumping-off point for Pride-adjacent activities full of music, celebration, history, and fun, starting this week and … Read more

Cornucopias | Arts & Entertainment | Salt Lake City

The American jackalope can appear almost anywhere: as a stuffed mount on a wall, on postcards, even in the name of a Salt Lake City bar. Like rabbits of all kinds, these horned rodents seem to have an almost infinite capacity to multiply, despite the fact that they don’t actually exist. Or, again, maybe they … Read more

Touch the hand of God | Arts & Entertainment | Salt Lake City

See Global Entertainment/Bridgeman Images “The Creation of Adam” in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: the exhibition It is often true that an artistic experience is also a spiritual experience. However, not all exhibits allow you to touch the hand of God. … Read more

Art, sedition and justice | Arts & Entertainment | Salt Lake City

Edward Abbey once said that there were two main functions in an artist: art and sedition. As the guy who coined the term “monkey-wrenching”, he had a very specific idea of ​​what it meant. Right now, artists are rightly angry with issues of women’s right to choose and LGBTQ+ people’s right to exist, as both … Read more

Coming to America | Arts & Entertainment | Salt Lake City

Coming to America |  Arts & Entertainment |  Salt Lake City

As an exploration of the experience of those who passed through Ellis Island as immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th century, Six Songs from Ellis melds components of dance, theatrical performance and multi-media. But as the creative team sees it, it’s clear where the emphasis should be: on the oral histories that provided … Read more

Easter Parade | Arts & Entertainment | Salt Lake City

Easter Parade |  Arts & Entertainment |  Salt Lake City

The Easter season was definitely a little … weird in 2020 and 2021. While some seasonal activities took place, most did not, and even those that did take place might not have been appealing destinations, what with gaggles of unvaccinated kids. If you and/or your family are looking for Easter weekend events as you get … Read more