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Julie Ann Coggins, center forward, with her class at the Two Sisters Event Center in Mauston last September.


Juneau County residents looking for Zumba classes have a full-time instructor they can contact.

Julie Ann Coggins, a Mauston resident for over 25 years, has been running a Zumba program for over 10 years in the city and other county communities. She teaches classes at a variety of facilities, including the Mauston Community Pool at the town’s Gordon R. Olson Middle School.

Her business – Zumba Fitness by Julie – also extends beyond county lines. She begins a class at Heart Strong Fitness Studio in Tomah on April 26 and has taught classes on winter vacations in Mexico and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

“I’ve always been a health and fitness girl, and I took a Zumba class about 11 years ago,” said Coggins, who also mentioned a former Zumba instructor in the area. . “She encouraged me to be an instructor, so I did it (from) in April 2012. At first I was just doing it for fun, like a night or two for a little extra money because I loved it. But over time, situations changed and I started getting more licenses.

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She has taught Zumba classes at schools, churches, community centers, and dance studios, among others. Mauston, New Lisbon, Elroy, Camp Douglas, Necedah and Kendall are among the communities where Coggins has taught. People of all ages have taken classes with Coggins, from children coming with their mothers to the elderly.

Coggins received licenses in four areas of Zumba and offered “specialty classes” on occasion, which she says became popular and eventually led her to take classes full-time. His licenses are in Zumba Gold, which focuses on fitness for seniors, Zumba Aqua, which deals with aquatic training, Zumba Toning, which focuses on core work, and Zumba Strong.

Zumba Gold is Coggins’ most popular class that, despite its focus on seniors, is open to people of all ages. She also said that Zumba Aqua is very popular and cited the benefits of having the community pool.

“She radiates positivity and joy,” Chris Brandt, a student and longtime friend of Coggins, said in an email. “She is a hidden gem in our communities. His desire to help others be healthy is a constant.

Zumba classes on Coggins Beach

Julie Ann Coggins, center, facing the others, teaches Zumba on a beach in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic last December. The Mauston resident has run a Zumba business throughout Juneau County for 10 years.


Coggins mentioned the limited fitness options in the Mauston area outside of Anytime Fitness. She also spoke about the impact of COVID-19 on group fitness activities. During the pandemic, Coggins started giving virtual Zumba classes and still does occasionally.

“When COVID hit, I redid my living room,” Coggins said. “I have hardwood flooring. Luckily I have an older house so it was perfect. I moved my computer to my living room, bought a ring light, installed a camera and taught practically throughout the lockdown.

Another source of inspiration for Coggins’ Zumba teaching is his training and background in radio work. She has worked as a DJ and has always loved music, which she believes is the key to success in Zumba. A combination of Latin music beats with current pop music is the music that drives Zumba, according to Coggins, who cited artists like Cardi B and Pitbull.

“I always had a love for music and I never lost it,” Coggins said. “I think that’s what makes me a good Zumba instructor too. Music is what drives me and Zumba is a music-based fitness program.

Zumba Fitness by Julie is active on social media. Coggins has Facebook and Instagram accounts with the company name.

Before becoming full-time with teaching Zumba, Coggins worked as an optician for an eye doctor in Mauston. His work included fitting patients for eyeglasses and dispensing contacts.


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