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Have you ever wondered what parkour is and what are the ways to learn it? Today we are going to bring you answers to all these questions. Parkour is an action-packed sport that uses balance and strength to defy gravity. It is one of the most popular urban activities in the world. This sport includes sprinting, jumping, jumping, climbing and other activities to overcome obstacles.

Above all, parkour is not just about getting fit. Rather, it’s about training your mind to imagine possibilities when none appear. Despite its risky and dangerous exploits, parkour can be learned on your own. All you need is freedom as a guide. Everyone can overcome adversity. However, you cannot expect to become a parkour expert overnight. Like other approaches, there is a learning curve.

Defining ‘Parkour’ and several ways to learn it on your own

  1. Define your thoughts.

Parkour is a sport that requires excellent coordination and balance. To develop parkour techniques, you must first clear and empty your thoughts of any obstacles. This includes any parkour theories you might have. Learning parkour requires a calm mind and a listening ear. To thrive and learn quickly, you need to connect with your inner child’s need for exploration. Recognizing your limits and gaining confidence in your abilities requires mental preparation. Parkour incorporates wild stunts, so being careful can help avoid accidents.

  1. Get in shape

Get ready for parkour. In this scenario, getting fit means gaining endurance, not losing weight. Start with simple exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and squats. Before challenging yourself, you should be able to complete 25 pushups, 5 pullups, and 50 squats. You must also learn to keep your balance while crossing obstacles. Practice focusing on the task at hand, avoiding distractions, and taking small steps.

  1. Learn shoulder rolls and safe landings

Although not all safety standards apply to parkour, you still need to be careful. Parkour incorporates several vertical movements and large jumps, which can cause serious injury if not performed correctly. To avoid these dangers, practice proper landings and shoulder rolls. Ideally, you should be between 12 and 1 meter tall. Remember never to roll over on your back no matter what. It is strongly advised to avoid doing so.

  1. Learn to jump, jump and climb

You can start jumping, jumping and climbing when you learn how to land and roll safely. Learning these abilities helps you overcome obstacles safely. For other moves, like jumping, a single misstep can result in significant damage. Start cautiously and gradually increase the distance while evaluating your limits. If you want to try wall runs, start slow.

  1. Find your style

Everyone who practices parkour all has their own style and approach. Once you start practicing, you’ll quickly realize which moves work best for you, allowing you to establish your own technique. Despite its dangers, parkour should be enjoyable. Excelling requires developing a style that simply works for your physique. Only regular practice can help you master and improve your movements, and even progress to more and more difficult movements.

In conclusion, ambitious freerunners have many chances to shine. Parkour is exciting because it allows you to develop your thinking while having fun. Be consistent, practice safe maneuvers and trust yourself to tackle any challenge.

Note – We are not responsible if you cause mental or physical harm to yourself while doing parkour. All accomplished parkour athletes are professionals and we suggest training with them before attempting to dive into the art form, especially if you plan to pursue it professionally.

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