Top 5 Apps for BOSU Ball Workouts That Build Balance and Strength

BOSU balls – inflated half domes attached to flat platforms – are versatile exercise tools designed to challenge your strength, balance and stability. But how do you get the most out of these devices in your own workout routine? This collection of apps will help you feel comfortable and confident on a BOSU balance trainer in no time.

What is a BOSU ball?

First appearing on the fitness scene in 2000, the BOSU trainer has become a mainstay in gyms and fitness centers. Originally an acronym for both sides up, the BOSU now means both sides used, according to the BOSU website. This refers to how both sides of the device are used in workouts, whether you use the smooth or rounded end.

If you’ve ever worked with a BOSU, you know that the experience of balancing each side presents its own set of challenges. The oscillation on the flat end is different from the kneading action which you need to stay still on the rounded end. A BOSU ball offers plenty of opportunities to focus on your balance, cardio, strength and flexibility. Try some simple moves on the BOSU ball to get your heart rate up or incorporate it into your push-up routine.

This selection of apps provides an impressive selection of workouts that include the unique fitness tool. Follow workout videos where the BOSU is the star, or create your own routine from a list of preset exercises. Either way, you’ll soon have a great selection of BOSU workout ideas to try on your balance trainer.

1. BOSU Stark Ball

The Stark BOSU Ball app presents 21 different BOSU exercises in high definition video. If you’re looking for a comprehensive selection of full-body workouts, these helpful videos will definitely provide it.

On the House , you can review the videos of each exercise, classified into Easy, Medium and Hard categories. Use the BOSU to cushion your arm for a side plank, for example, or challenge your balance by performing squats on the flat side of the BOSU.

To create your own workout routine, long press the workouts you want, then add them to a list. Alternatively, a pre-built full-body routine encourages you to do a TABATA-style workout, all with your BOSU ball. This simple and straightforward app offers everything you need to get the most out of your BOSU ball as an exercise tool.

To download: Stark BOSU Ball for iOS ($4.99) | Android ($1.99)

2. BOSU ball workouts

Do exercises that work your arms, legs, core or whole body with this app designed by a professional trainer.

From the home screen, select a training plan that focuses on strength training, full body training, fat burning workouts, or other areas. There is also a selection of short routines and a 30 day muscle gain program.

Next, select your workout of choice from the drop-down list. A video shows each individual exercise, whether you perform floating kicks or step-ups. Hit it beginning button to record your workout, and follow the exercises demonstrated. This also includes your reps and sets, so all you have to do is focus on the exercise itself.

The app is free. However, persistent video ads appear frequently. You can pay for the pro version to access more content and get rid of ads.

To download: BOSU Ball Workouts for Android (free, in-app purchases available)

3. Fitify: Home Fitness and Workout

The Fitify fitness app is a popular all-purpose workout app, and it includes routines based on specific fitness tools, including the BOSU ball. Access to all information in the app requires a subscription, but a one-week free trial is available.

Along with its substantial workout content, the Fitify app also includes exercise packs based on specific workout equipment, including BOSU balls. In fact, the app offers 67 exercises based on BOSU. Once you have selected the BOSU category, you can review floor and standing workouts.

Learn everything from crunches to triceps dips on the BOSU. Each exercise also includes a helpful demonstration video. Tips for each exercise help you perform it correctly, including tips on how to hold your shoulders or neck. If you want an in-depth and substantial BOSU app with exercises that help build your cardio, strength, and balance, Fitify is a solid option.

To download: Fitify for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

4. Streaming Romney Studios

Based on the online fitness studio, the Romney Studios Streaming app offers access to a variety of Pilates, Bounce, Megaformer and BOSU classes, in addition to a wealth of additional content.

Her one-hour choreographed BOSU classes incorporate cardio and strength training techniques. Follow along with a whole group of people to enhance the practice class experience. New videos are uploaded regularly, so you’ll have a challenging and fresh routine to try out regularly.

To download: Romney Studios Streaming for iOS | Android (subscription required, free trial available)


In addition to an extensive library of strength training exercises, the Fitbod app also includes a series of exercises specially designed for BOSU balls. From the main screen of the BOSU section, select the exercise you want to do.

Each workout includes a clear video demonstration, along with a set of instructions that offer tips for aligning your body to get the most out of the moves. The BOSU push-up screen, for example, advises you to focus on maintaining straight alignment in your body while performing the exercises.

Press the start training button to cycle through the entire BOSU set, which includes squats, climbers, and crunches. After using it for a little while, you might agree that Fitbod is one of the best workout apps available for the iPhone. If you use it with a BOSU ball, it’s even more useful.

To download: Fitbod for iOS | Android (subscription required, free trial available)

Boost your workouts with BOSU Balance Trainer apps

Whether you like to follow a video from a fitness instructor or create your own workout routine, these BOSU ball apps will help you get the most out of these versatile workout devices. Challenge your balance, improve your strength and work on your cardio with these organized BOSU workouts.

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