This was’s most read instructional story of 2021

In a year that Phil Mickelson made history, this story about his anti-aging fasts was our most-read instructional article of 2021.

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Phil Mickelson may be 51, but he’s still in the best shape of his life. In case you need a reminder, Lefty won a major championship this year, and he did it by hitting (to borrow a term from the man himself) “hell seed” off the tee.

Mickelson’s distance off the tee – not to mention his world short game – allowed him to stay competitive in the latter part of his career despite the effects of Father Time. In fact, he’s averaged 13 yards more off the tee in 2021 than he did in 2013, the last year he won a major championship.

Part of Lefty’s power boost can be attributed to technology, but there’s another distinct reason for his career-ending bombshells.

“I worked harder,” he said at the PGA Championship. “I work harder physically to be able to train as long as I want and I had to work a lot harder to be able to stay focused throughout a run. If I work a little harder, spend a little more time in the gym, eat well, train hard, there’s no reason I can’t put it all on 18 holes.

This sacrifice is evident when you look at Mickelson’s physique. As’s Luke Kerr-Dineen pointed out in our most read instructional article of the year, “Sweet, smiley Phil went skinny and macho seemingly overnight” once he started take food and fitness seriously.

Phil Mickelson throws the ball ridiculously high with his driver. Should you?


Luke Kerr-Dineen

“I was uneducated,” Phil told ahead of the 2020 US Open. diet soda and how toxic it is, or whether it was the amount of sugar and the inflammation it causes, or whether it was the amount; all of those things that I overlook.

Mickelson is particularly fond of periodic fasting to get the physical results he craves. And, as editor Sean Zak learned last year, he takes it very seriously. Lefty’s coffee and water fasting routine is pretty intense, but it’s not the only type of fasting he participates in.

“I have to eat a lot less and I have to eat better,” Mickelson said. “I just can’t eat that much and I have to let my body recover. But it’s also been a blessing for me because I feel better and I don’t have any inflammation and I wake up feeling great. It’s a sacrifice worth making. »

Check out Kerr-Dineen’s full story on Mickelson’s Anti-Aging Fast here. And who knows, maybe you reset your diet like Mickelson is your ticket to a better game of golf in 2022.

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