The Exercise Coach, a high-tech fitness studio, opens in West Chester

A new gym has opened in West Chester Township that isn’t your traditional workout place.

Fitness enthusiasts Billy Cottle and Veronica Sterling opened The Exercise Coach studio on June 2 after a year-long research process into what the brand had to offer.

Instead of traditional exercising equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands or stability balls, the franchised fitness studio uses computers and robotics coupled with personalized instruction to deliver 20-minute workout sessions.

Having suffered from previous exercise-related injuries and after recently becoming parents, the couple decided The Exercise Coach was what they needed.

“As we’re getting older, we’re trying to avoid injuries, plus we have a kid so we have no time,” Sterling said. “So we love the 20 minutes, twice a week.”

Billy Cottle and his wife, Veronica Sterling, are opening an Exercise Coach studio in West Chester, beginning June 2, 2021. The strength training program is 20 minutes and is only recommended twice a week.

The short workouts are said to be optimized for efficiency and beat seven-days-a-week traditional activity-based exercise.

Cottle explained part of the reason they chose The Exercise Coach was its appeal to middle-aged-and-older adults with busy lives, “a demographic that no one’s really serving.”

“We felt that there were not sufficient fitness options for the 40+ crowd, or those who just aren’t interested in a typical gym. They tend to be busier and more reluctant to hit the gym,” Cottle said. “The foundation of strength building and efficiency of gaining results with just two, 20-minute workouts per week was an obvious choice for us.”

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