Power your training into the future with the world’s first AI-enabled personal trainer

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida. – The future of training is here with artificial intelligence that will change the way you approach your fitness routine.

The device is called “Altis”, branded as the world’s first personal AI trainer.

There’s no trainer or trainer yelling at you in the living room. There’s no piece of equipment taking up valuable space, it’s just you and a device, mapping your fitness journey.

The story of this Fort Lauderdale-based company begins with CEO and co-founder Jeff Halevy, whose own journey as a fitness expert and entrepreneur included battling smoking, weight gain, and even a brain tumor.

Halevy says it was a series of life-changing experiences.

“I kind of said to myself, okay, well, you know, I’m not dead yet, and it’s not too late, so let me change everything, and it completely changed my inner landscape. to completely change my mindset and my relationship with myself,” Halevy said.

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This realization has guided Halevy’s passion for helping others and creating the programs to achieve these goals. His years of work in the fitness world include time as a television correspondent and talk show host. Halevy was also hired to create a technology-based fitness program for “Let’s Move!” by former first lady Michelle Obama. initiative.

All that work, he says, gave him the idea that Altis needed to be different from anything we were used to in the exercise industry.

“My North Star on the project was to create GPS for human movement,” Halevy said.

After coming up with the concept in 2018, Halvey joined co-founder Constantine Goltsev, connecting his fitness and wellness background with Goltsev’s expertise in computer vision and machine learning.

The Altis console looks like a soundbar, capable of plugging into most TVs and the GPS Halevy refers to is the technology Altis uses to set itself apart.

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Body GPS allows the artificial intelligence network to know exactly where your body is, without using sensors, instead everything is captured with a camera.

“Not only does it perfectly capture the full body in real-time 3D, but it’s able to show that information to the user in real-time from an optimal perspective,” Halevy said.

This perspective ensures that the exercise is done exactly right, letting you know if the form is incorrect and, if so, guiding you to correct it. The basis of each training program comes from each user’s goals, schedule and personal body assessment, which highlights any injuries or other limitations. Using this technology, it brings it all together to craft the best fitness plan for each individual while additionally monitoring output and fatigue levels during each workout.

“So based on your real-time performance, as well as the speed and quality of your movements, we’re able to prescribe that movement to an individual user better than even a real personal trainer,” Halevy said. .

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Even Olympian Georganne Moline, who is the world indoor champion in the 4×400-meter relay with Team USA, says Altis is changing the way she approaches her health and training.

“I would just feel lost. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, in the sense that if I have to do something, I want to do it right. Here I don’t have to worry about getting the answers, the answers are here and it’s going to show me what I’m doing,” Moline said.

While pushing every user to be the best they can be, a feeling that Halevy appreciates and takes to heart, considering what he’s overcome to get here.

“I felt like I had used up all my extra lives, you know, so there was no way I was going to keep, you know, being so lucky. I would say my life has definitely changed, but I just feel very, very lucky,” Halvey said.

The first consumer version of this model is expected to start shipping this summer, and the company has also recently entered into partnerships with Hyatt, Lifetime Fitness and LA Fitness to bring the device to locations across the country.

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