Jodi Knable, owner of Finesse Physical Therapy in Great Falls

Born and raised in Great Falls, Montana, Dr. Jodi Knable brought her business, Finesse Physical Therapy, to The Electric City in 2014. Knable studied biology at Portland State University, MSU tech and the University of Great Falls for an undergrad. Afterwards, she was accepted into the physical therapy program at Loma Linda University and later earned her doctorate in 2006 from the university. She is also the mother of two teenage daughters.

Knable specializes in visceral and neural manipulation, which is manual therapy using light, gentle touch or force to help encourage normal mobility when physiological movement has been impaired.

“So they come here, we just plot it using tension. That’s really all it takes. I put my hand on their head, and just this body loading, makes them move to protect what hurts. And that’s where I start. So if we can get that spot moving again, their pain goes down a lot,” Knable said.

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