I Tried Chris Hemsworth’s 800 Rep Dumbbell Workout – Here’s What Happened

When it comes to workout inspiration, it doesn’t get any better than Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram account. Of his bodyweight workout that can be done just about anywhereto exact arm workout he used while training for Thorthe actor has been very open about his gym routines, in fact, he even launched his own workout app – Centr.

Unsurprisingly, his workouts are no joke, so when I saw Hemsworth uploaded a new dumbbell workout, I headed to the gym to try it out for myself. I’ll caveat this by saying that as a fitness editor, I train pretty regularly, although I certainly don’t lift as heavy as Thor himself. This probably isn’t a workout to try if you’re a complete beginner, and if you’re new to the exercises in this workout, it’s a good idea to have a personal trainer review your form before adding weights.

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