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GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS • Children twisting like human pretzels, adults testing their gymnastics skills and art lovers enjoying colorful painted figures in aerial gyrations, it’s all part of the Keith Haring Fitness Court

A view of the fitness stations that are part of the Keith Haring Outdoor Fitness Field in Green Mountain Falls. It officially opened on June 18.

Donated to the town of Green Mountain Falls by the Kirkpatrick Family Fund, whose president is Chris Keesee, the land is an invitation to move and train, with public art as motivation.

“Keith Haring was the quintessential American artist whose potential was so vast and whose impact is still being felt,” said Daisy McGowan, director and chief curator of the Galleries of Contemporary Art at the University of Colorado in Colorado. Springs. “Here we are in Green Mountain Falls talking about Keith Haring. I love it.”

Speaking at the fitness ground’s dedication ceremony on June 18, McGowan highlighted the role of Haring’s public art in cities across America. “His work is deceptively simple, but there is a depth that is easy to ignore, but spending time on the details you see how widespread it is,” she said. . “Wherever you go, in any city, you will see the work of Keith Haring.”

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The Keith Haring Outdoor Fitness Field in Green Mountain Falls is now open.

Haring died in 1990 of complications from AIDS. He was 31 years old.

Haring, a native of Reading, Pennsylvania, first exhibited his work in New York City subway stations, at a time when the city was considered unsafe. “They’ve become a huge part of the New York scene with activism at its heart,” McGowan said. “Through his art, he developed a simple visual vocabulary that has become iconic today.”

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, led by Mayor Todd Dixon, was part of the opening day festivities of the 2022 Green Box Arts Festival.

Dixon credited Jesse Stroope, chairman of the city’s parks, trails and recreation committee, with pursuing the deal between the city and the Kirkpatrick Family Fund for the fitness field.

Under the agreement, signed last year by former mayor Jane Newberry and the board of directors, the city voted to accept the fund’s $200,000 grant. According to the pact, the city provided a consideration of $20,000 to install the concrete slab of the field.

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A Keith Haring outdoor fitness field was dedicated on June 18 in Green Mountain Falls. The fitness ground is not part of the Green Box Art Festival taking place in town until July 4, but many may associate it due to Haring’s work which was used for the packaging.

In turn, Penman Construction donated the materials and labor while Rusin Concrete donated the concrete. In a city with spotty cellphone reception, the city has provided Wi-Fi access so Fitness Court users can learn each station through the Fitness Court app. Download instructions were provided at the ceremony: the app is “Fitness Court” (downloadable from your mobile provider’s app store), the Wi-Fi username is “GMF park” and the password is “lovegmf!”

The land is one of four art installations at the 2022 Green Box Arts Festival which runs until July 4. For a calendar of events, see

Haring’s art on the fitness ground, adjacent to the town pool, is part of the local scene in Green Mountain Falls today.

“Let’s pay tribute to Green Box for bringing art and culture to our small community,” said Dixon.

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Green Mountain Falls Fitness Court showcases the artistry of the late Keith Haring.


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