Fitness Trends That Will Take Over 2022

As we welcome in 2022, many will be making fitness part of their New Year’s resolution. And while many resolutions are hard to keep on their own, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to influence how we work out.

There are several fitness trends on the horizon for 2022, many of which extend out of the past two years of lockdowns, restrictions, and closures. While the typical big box gyms will continue to serve the fitness community, they will no longer be the dominating center for exercise.

So what can we expect for fitness trends in 2022? Look for more tech involvement, time-efficient workouts, and hybrid gym experiences.

Tech and Exercise

Technology will continue to lead the evolution of fitness and exercise. While this has been a bubbling trend for many years, the pandemic helped to catapult fitness into the digital and wearable realm. Many companies have launched apps that offer a mix of free and for purchase workouts, exercise plans, and instruction. Home fitness equipment continues to blend with tech as items like Peloton bikes, and Tonal mirror gyms have taken secluded home workouts to connecting individuals in their living rooms and bases to others across the globe.

Micro Workouts

Another trend is shifting from marathon workouts in the gym to shorter, more efficient training. Micro workouts, or time-efficient workouts, have steadily been increasing in popularity and science is backing up the trend. For decades, fitness was focused on number exercises, sets, and reps to achieve goals. Micro workouts are brief strength exercises that can be done anywhere, any time of the day. They can last seconds or several minutes. It may focus on simply one exercise or could be a circuit of exercises. Your schedule may not allow a 90 minute round trip excursion to the gym, but there are moments in the day when you can strength train.

For example, heating food in the microwave? Perform calf raises until the timer beeps. On hold with a call? Perform a wall sit. Fifteen minutes before your next Zoom meeting? Do a short circuit of lunges, push-ups, and pull-ups. Additional advantages of micro workouts include:

  • Minimal space and equipment. They can be done at home, in the park, or even while waiting in the checkout line.
  • Quicker recovery time.
  • Money-saving as these can be done without a gym membership, coach, trainer, or class instructor.

Hybrid Gym Experiences

Many gyms are finding a mix of in-person and hybrid workouts that are making members feel safe and connected. One would hold a typical gym membership and can visit at their convenience to workout or participate in a class. Gyms are now offering members a chance to connect virtually so they can remotely join in with a class, small group session, or personal trainer. This option is a benefit for both the gym and the member. It allows flexibility for the member who may not always feel like commuting to the gym or to avoid illness and still be a part of the gym community. It also allows gyms to avoid overcrowding and limited class sizes and helps keep instructors and trainers busy and employed.

Moving Outside Of The Box

Another trend that grew during the pandemic and is expected to continue to evolve is fitness outdoors. Many have embraced working outside of the box gym or the home and moving outdoors. It provides space fresh air, and allows for one to work out with a friend or small group in a safe environment. And another bonus it is free. Fitness enthusiasts have taken over parks, empty lots, and even their backyards to embrace working out under the sun or even in the snow. This approach also works well with the rise of wearables and fitness apps, as you can take your workout anywhere. No more having to wait for equipment, wondering if the person before you wiped the bench down, or dealing with the grunting gentleman next to you.

When it comes to fitness and 2022 the key trend is convenience. Exercise is becoming more personalized, simplified, and portable. Technology is leading the way allowing individuals to work out in safety and on their own time. Trainers and gyms are working to meet people on their demands. Apps, on-demand instruction or classes, and hybrid workouts are meeting people where they are at. Fitness is also becoming simplified with a focus on efficient workouts, minimalism workouts, and moving in the world around you. While we as a society enjoy the interaction, the fitness trends of 2022 will allow people to enjoy the best of both training worlds – in person and remotely – on their terms. The options are endless, but you have to do your part and stick to that fitness New Year’s resolution.

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