Eastern Air Defense Sector Salutes Award Winners

ROME – Several Eastern Air Defense Sector personnel have won annual awards from the continental United States North American Aerospace Defense Command – First Air Force (CONR-1AF) and Air Forces Northern (AFNORTH).

Located at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, CONR and AFNORTH each recognize annual winners and also administer a combined CONR-AFNORTH awards program.

“It is a remarkable achievement to win individual awards in such important organizations as CONR and AFNORTH,” said Colonel Paul M. Bishop, Commander of EADS. “As a commander, the awards are particularly gratifying because they recognize the professional skill, technical excellence and personal dedication that I see every day.”

Among the recipients are:

• Lt. Col. Jennifer King, Prospect, CONR Outstanding Field Officer.

Flight Commander of the 224th Air Defense Squadron, King successfully supervised 52 Airmen during a wide variety of operations, including 28 temporary flight restrictions for presidential travel and 10 large-scale exercises. She also led EADS’ efforts to support the SpaceX mission to rebuild the International Space Station, was a key member of the Command and Control (C2) system modernization team and coordinated new defense capabilities. anti-cruise missile with several agencies.

• Captain Eric Schenck, Camden, who won two awards. Schenck won the CONR-1AF (AFNORTH) Command and Control (C2) Warrior of the Year award and AFNORTH’s Outstanding Company Grade Officer (CGO) award. Chief of weapons and tactics for the 224th Air Defense Squadron, Schenck planned 70 missions that imposed temporary flight restrictions for presidential travel, manned space launches and national security events.

These missions required coordination with 11 flying units and 540 aircraft sorties. Schenck also led a 31-member NORAD team that developed new combat identification procedures and oversaw the training of more than 130 EADS airmen.

• Staff Sergeant. Robert Aikins, Clinton, CONR-AFNORTH Security Forces Sentinel of the Year.

A Security Forces operations supervisor at the 224th Support Squadron, Aikins identified and corrected more than 20 deficiencies during inspections, overhauled the unit’s physical fitness program, and helped establish an integrated defense council. Aikins also organized and oversaw security details at EADS’ 20th anniversary ceremony on 9/11 and coordinated an Air National Guard training course in Rome attended by more than 80 Airmen from across New York.

• Staff Sergeant. Jason Cheramie, New Hartford, CONR-1AF (AFNORTH) Outstanding First Sergeant/Senior Enlisted Advisor.

224th Air Defense Group First Sergeant Cheramie organized and led 11 unit-wide morale and recreation events for Airmen and 250 family members. He wrote the operating instructions for the group’s initial rewards program, secured emergency mental health services to ensure a member’s safety, and reviewed and edited more than 300 Airman assessments.

• Airman 1st Class Megan Mills, CONR Junior Airman of the Year.

A surveillance technician with the 224th Air Defense Squadron, Mills detected more than 860 potential threats during 22 presidential support missions and was instrumental in Operation Allied Refuge, monitoring 14 flights to the United States from the Afghanistan. An accomplished graphic designer, Mills designed an infographic for the Office of the Air National Guard Command Chief Master Sergeant and later appeared on the Chief’s Leadership Podcast.

• Alicia Morales, CONR Civilian of the Year (Category I).

The 224th Air Defense Group’s unit program coordinator, Morales, has scheduled and decongested more than 1,600 events and supported dozens of VIP visits.

She checked 75 security clearances as acting security officer, served as deputy editor of the unit newsletter and managed invitations for the EADS 9/11 20th anniversary event.

The 224th Air Defense Group is made up of the 224th Air Defense Squadron and 224th Support Squadron, located in Rome, and Detachments 1 and 2 serving in the Washington, DC area. The 224th ADG provides the forces to conduct the Eastern Air Defense Sector mission. Part of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, the sector is responsible for the air defense of the eastern United States.

For more information about the New York Air National Guard, visit www.dmna.ny.gov. For more information on the Eastern Air Defense Sector and the 224th Air Defense Group, visit www.eads.ang.af.mil.

The New York National Guard is the executive state agency responsible for managing New York’s military forces, which consists of nearly 20,000 members of the New York Army National Guard, National Guard New York Air National, New York Naval Militia and New York Guard.

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