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Learn to draw and never be bored in a cafe again. Credit: Klaudia Piaskowska/Unsplash

It’s never too late to learn a new skill or perfect an old one. Chicago has many organizations that offer adult education classes and workshops designed to teach students new concepts, technical skills, or even new dance moves. Taking a class is a good way to set up an ongoing friend date if you’re someone who has a busy schedule and misses hanging out with people. And you can meet new friends and network! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Stories of our genes and ancestors
Sites like have made it easy for us to map our family trees, but what do you do once you’ve found all the names and dates? As part of the Newberry Library’s Adult Education Program, Dr. Aaron Greenberg, co-founder of storytelling technology company Biograph and senior lecturer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, is teaching this four-session virtual seminar. to help amateur genealogists and family histories keepers transform research into stories that contextualize facts and create a deeper picture of our ancestral pasts.
Saturdays, 10/29-11/19, 2-4 p.m., $193.50-$215,

Sewing 101
Maybe you are not interested in appearing on Project track, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to confidently hem those jeans or at least put that big button back on your winter coat? Learn some basic skills from a real fashion designer, Chicagoan Anastasia Chatzka, who will teach you how to use a sewing machine, attach buttons and zippers, and even read a sewing pattern. No experience is necessary to get started. If you understood, Chatzka also offers advanced courses in sewing, knitting, and streetwear. Students can opt for Sunday or Saturday morning or Monday evening sessions that take place at Chatzka Studio (2041 W. Carroll, Suite 222).
Next six-week sessions start Sunday 10/23, $345 includes materials,

City colleges

City Colleges of Chicago offers a range of in-person and online education designed for adults who need affordable professional certifications, GED courses, and more. . . walk. You can still enter Steppin’ for fun and fitnessa late fall offering at Daley College (7500 S. Pulaski) that will teach you the basic moves and flair of stepping, a form of partner dance originated in Chicago and often performed to R&B music.
Wednesdays 10/19-12/7, 6-7pm, $55

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