Blake Lively’s Trainer Don Saladino Shares His Pregnancy Workouts

Blake Lively's Personal Trainer Don Saladino Shares His Pregnancy Workouts: We're Trying To Be

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Health first! Among Blake LivelyFourth pregnancy, she continued her physical training with a wellness coach Don Saladino.

“[Blake’s workout routines] truly not [changed] a lot,” Saladino exclusively told We Weekly at the Strong New York Fitness and Wellness Festival on Saturday, October 1. “You know, we do a bit of ballistics monitoring. I know in the first trimester things change a bit, but overall she always had a good foundation.

Still, the ‘D&D Fitness Radio’ podcast host noted that he had edited the 35-year-old A simple favor star diet slightly to accommodate some pregnancy restrictions.

Blake Lively's Personal Trainer Don Saladino Shares His Pregnancy Workouts: We're Trying To Be

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“We remove all jumping, all ballistics [and] we really stay away from cardio,” Saladino said We at the New York festival on Saturday. “We’re trying to keep things a bit more stationary. Always a lot of split stance. We didn’t lay her on her back. We don’t put his legs reversed. So everything is really a little straighter or on a kind of slope.

The New York-based trainer – who works with both Lively and her husband, Ryan Reynolds — is a strong proponent of consistency over intensity when it comes to training, especially with a waiting client.

“At present [her fitness goal is] have a healthy birth and be a healthy human being and be the mother she wants to be to her family,” Saladino said. We. “And I think right now that’s his role. She tries to turn around and [think], ‘How can she always make it a little easier, this next delivery. How can she bounce back a little faster? But she really did an amazing job of just saying, “It’s a beautiful time in my life, I’m going to embrace it.” I’m not going to be too hard on myself,” and she walks in and whatever we have to do that day, we end up doing it.

We confirmed last month that the Gossip Girl alum is pregnant with her fourth child after debuting her baby bump at the 10th annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit. Lively – who shares her daughters James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2, with the dead Pool star — is committed to feeling good throughout her pregnancy.

“We try not to focus on [pregnancy weight gain]. I’m sure not and you know if she gets instructions from her doctor we take that and obviously we take that to heart and we appreciate that very much but overall right now it’s about him allow her to leave that session feeling better than she did before she arrived,” Saladino noted on Saturday. “No matter [our training schedule] is she in there trying to get a decent amount. It depends on his week, it depends on his movements, it depends on his family. We just try to be as consistent as possible.

Along with helping both the Betty Buzz founder and the 45-year-old Canadian stay in shape, he also remains a staunch supporter of pals like Kenny Santucciwho founded the Chelsea Piers Fitness event.

“I think it’s that bond we all have when we walk into an environment like this where people just want to improve and they want to improve,” Saladino said of his Saturday appearance.

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