Best Butt Workout – Easy 10 Minute Butt Workout At Home Including Exercises

For a lifted and toned behind, women are turning to Kim Kardashian’s gadgets, boutique studios and Instagram feed. But none of this is necessarily going to get you solid, healthy, sculpted booty. In fact, it can be a BOM.

You may be surprised to learn that what you really need to understand is your hips. By knowing how the hips work, you unlock the answer to how you can get your own keister in optimal shape using the best butt exercises possible — and this easy butt workout will get you there. No gadgets, expense or equipment needed.

Your hips are among the most mobile joints in your entire body, right behind your shoulders. To strengthen your butt, you initiate movement patterns with your hips. The problem is that most people stick to one movement pattern, which is flexion/extension. What is that? Think walking, running, dashing, climbing stairs, squatting. In all of these common movement patterns, you’re just flexing and extending your hips. The nice thing about these things is that they only work part of the butt. What is not so good is that there are three parts of the stock. There are three planes of motion the hips need to go through to work the full caboose.

How to train everything parts of your butt

Let’s continue to talk about these movements of flexion and extension, which occur on the sagittal plane, which divides the body into right and left halves. When the hips perform this movement, the super strong midsection of your butt becomes stronger. This part of the buttocks is called the gluteus maximus.

But you also have to think about frontal plane, which divides the body forward and backward. You work on this plane when your limbs move away from the midline of the body, as with abduction and adduction. When the hips perform this movement (moving the leg out to the side), the small side parts of your buttocks become stronger. These parts of the buttocks are called the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

Finally, each time the body twists and turns, the work is done in the transverse plane. The transverse plane divides the body up and down. As the hips rotate, all three parts of the buttocks become stronger.

To build happy hips and solid booty, you need to work in all three planes. That’s why we’ve designed three moves to achieve this!

The best warm-up to do before a butt workout

Before starting any workout, it’s important to prep the fabric with a quality warm-up. Here are the moves we suggest before this workout:

hip hulas

      Why: Hip Hulas reduces tightness in the lower back, hip flexors and hip rotators

      How: Circle your hips clockwise, slowly and keeping your back flat, for 4-5 reps. Pause. Repeat the movement counterclockwise for 4-5 reps.

      Bribes from sprinter

          Why: To maximize the fore-aft range of motion available at the hips

          How: Swing one leg forward into a knee lift, then step back as far behind you as possible. Plant your foot to regain your balance. Repeat 4x. Switch legs.

          Side-to-side side slits

              Why: To warm up the side parts of the buttocks and thighs that do not work when sitting, standing, walking, etc. They may seem tense and stiff at first, but give them some time and they should relax.

              How: Walk side to side, bending at the hip and knee and thrusting your butt out and back. Repeat 8x.

              Hacky Bag

                  Why: To warm the part of the butt between the middle and the sides. This is called the piriformis. It may feel tense and stiff at first, but give it some time and it should subside.

                  How: Lift the inside of your right foot to touch your left hand. Next, lift the inside of your left foot to touch your right hand. Repeat 8x.

                  How to do the 10 minute butt workout

                  Padded your floor with a yoga mat or Robust with classic pad (as demonstrated).

                  Movement 1: Bounces on the glutes

                  Focus: gluteus maximus

                  Plane: Sagittal

                  Benten Stream

                  How to do glute kicks:

                  1. Assume the quadruped position (all 4). Pull one knee towards your belly.
                  2. Kick that leg to align the shoulder, hip, and ankle. Pause momentarily and repeat.
                  3. Perform 12 reps, then “light a fire” by adding 3 pulses to “step 2” and perform another 12 reps.
                    1. Movement 2: Fire Hydrants

                      Focus: Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus

                      Plane: Frontal

                      brook benten water mouth movement for glutes

                      Benten Stream

                      How to make fire hydrants:

                      1. Assume the quadruped position (all 4). Lift one leg away from the body, keeping the knee bent – uh, like a dog on a fire hydrant. Pause momentarily, then bring the knee inward to touch the stable/supporting knee.
                      2. Perform 12 reps, then “light a fire” by adding a knee extension at the top of the fire hydrant, kicking the leg. Perform another 12 reps.
                        1. Movement 3: Curtsy Lunges

                          Focus: Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus and Gluteus Maximus

                          Plane(s): Transverse, Sagittal

                          creek benten reverence cleft

                          Benten Stream

                          How to do bow lunges:

                          1. Stand up, balance on one leg. Weave the other leg back and grip the floor with the knee to the floor (padded).
                          2. Raise to a standing knee support balance.
                          3. Perform 8 repetitions. “Light a fire” by taking the option of pointing your toes down (the laces toward the ground), instead of gripping the ground with the bottom of the toe box on your shoe.
                            1. Follow the video instructions to strengthen the buttocks in all three planes, targeting all three parts of the booty. If you feel strong, repeat for a second set. Add optional equipment to spice things up a bit more. Try this workout 3x/week with plenty of rest between sessions.

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