10 Unexpected Businesses Started By Cast Members

There are many business savvy players on 90 day fiance, like Stephanie Matto, who was ousted from TikTok for selling her controversial wares on the platform earlier this month. Many 90 days Stars of the franchise have found success as influencers, models and musicians, building on their fame and establishing fanbases in the. Several others have followed a more traditional path, pursuing careers in real estate and property management.

A few stars of the TLC franchise have embarked on unique careers, boldly building businesses in their specialized fields. These cast members have created unexpected businesses out of their hobbies and passions, proving themselves to be true entrepreneurs.


Molly Hopkins owns a lingerie store

Molly Hopkins 90 Day Fiance

Molly is an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. She is the founder of Livi Rae Lingerie, an inclusive lingerie boutique offering custom designs in Kennesaw, Georgia. The brick-and-mortar shop is co-owned by his best friend, Cynthia Decker.

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The BFFs also starred together in a reality show called double divas, which was about their shop. During the pandemic, Molly began offering virtual bra consultations to her growing clientele. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Molly said of her business, “I’m able to solve real problems – from young girls to multiple clients who live in assisted living facilities.” She continued, “These are people who just want comfort in their bras and in their breasts.”

Rose Vega owns a grocery store

Rose is no longer with Big Ed, who was considered one of the 90 days the biggest villains, and she seems to be focused on her own accomplishments and happiness.

After appearing on the reality show, the Filipino beauty quickly found success in the modeling industry and has since earned enough money to buy several properties and create a comfortable life for her son, Prince. However, Rose has stayed true to her roots and in addition to her thriving modeling career, she recently opened a grocery store called Prince’s Store in Caloocan City, her hometown in the Philippines.

Michael Jessen created a wine brand with Raekwon

Michael Jessen at a vineyard in TLC's 90 Day Fiance series.

Michael worked in the wine business long before his relationship with his ex-wife, Juliana Custodio, was featured on 90 day financinge. In 2018, the entrepreneur used his industry knowledge and business experience to launch Licataa, a sparkling red wine brand co-owned by hip-hop legend Raekwon The Chef of Wu-Tang fame. Clan.

Licataa is produced by Cantine Ceci, a winery near Parma, Italy. According to Licataa’s website, the wine, which sells for $25 a bottle, is “a new standard of luxury” inspired by “Raekwon’s love for Italian culture and cuisine.” Michael is also the executive producer of Wine and Hip Hopa critically acclaimed podcast about the two cultures.

Tiffany Franco and Yara Zaya launched makeup lines

Tiffany Franco and Yara Zaya of 90 Day Fiance Split Image

Tiffany and Yara have an undeniable affinity for all things makeup. It’s no surprise that the two women have since launched their own makeup brands.

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Tiffany’s makeup line, AddyRose Cosmetics, debuted last year. The professional makeup line includes an eyeshadow palette called Pinky Winky, which includes four of the star’s signature pink shades. Yara’s makeup brand, Boujee By Yara, also launched last year. Its range offers several palettes of eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, etc. Both brands can be purchased online.

Stephanie Matto sells farts and founded an adult content site

Stephanie owns two controversial businesses. Last year, she made headlines by selling her farts in jars for more than $500 each. After earning over $200,000, the viral star quit the business when her gas-inducing diet landed her in the ER. The fartrepreneur has now entered the world of digital assets, selling NFT fart jars. Stephanie also sells boob sweat in bottles, which she says earns her around $5,000 a day.

Beyond bodily excretions, Stephanie is the founder of Unfiltrd, a fan subscription platform for adult content creators. Since its launch, many 90 Day stars have joined Unfiltrd, including Larissa Lima, Stephanie Davison, Tom Brooks, and Biniyam Shibre.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko, Ben Rathbun and Paola Mayfield own fitness businesses

Anfisa Arkhipchenko, Ben Rathbun and Paola Mayfield of 90 Day Fiance Split Image

It’s no surprise that Anfisa and Paola quickly found success in the fitness world, as they are both among the best 90 days stars with huge Instagram followings. Fans have been able to watch their fitness journeys evolve over the years via social media.

Anfisa, a recent business school graduate, has been a certified personal trainer since 2019 and has since been able to use her expertise to help clients achieve their health goals. Professional wrestler Paola’s company, Super Pao Fit Team, offers personalized coaching, workouts and more. In addition to personal training, Paola is also certified in nutrition coaching and teaching Zumba. Ex-Pastor Ben runs Benjamin Sage Fitness, which he calls a “fountain of youth program.” Her program offers personal coaching, nutrition guides, workbooks, and wellness classes.

Yara Zaya and Annie Suwan Toborowsky own fashion boutiques

Yara Zaya and Annie Suwan Toborowsky from 90 Day Fiancé

Yara and Annie have very different styles, but their looks are both trendy. Yara launched an online clothing store called YaraZaya last year. The store offers a range of outfits, from casual to dressy, and includes many items similar to those she’s worn on the reality show over the years.

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Annie’s online store, Boom Bangkok By Annie, is inspired by her native Thailand. The shop sells a variety of dresses and blouses from local boutiques and tailors in Thailand. On the website, Annie states that she is committed to helping small businesses and that she personally inspects the vendors she works with.

Ariela Weinberg owns a travel agency


Ariela and Biniyam had some savage fights and experienced many cultural differences while living together in Ethiopia. However, it seems that Ari has largely embraced Ethiopian culture. Earlier this year, Ariela announced a new travel adventure in an exclusive interview with Screen Rant.

The reality TV star explained that she is now a partner in an Ethiopian travel agency founded by her friend Tesfahun Dereje. The company, Simen Land Tours, is based in Ethiopia, but according to its Instagram page, it organizes “tailor-made trips and tours to lesser-known destinations” across East Africa. Travelers can book coffee tours, mountain and natural destination tours, as well as city and cultural tours, among others.

Andrew Kenton owns a daycare center

Andrew Kenton in 90 Day Fiance 3

Given Andrew’s treatment of Amira, it’s hard to imagine him having the empathy and patience to deal with the children. Many fans have expressed their belief that Amira is one of the 90 days stars who deserved better from his partner.

That being said, Andrew operates a daycare center in his hometown of Roseville, California, which he co-owns with his mother. The childcare center’s database shows the facility is licensed to care for up to 14 children, and the mother-son duo appear to have passed their final inspection. In 2020, Andrew also self-published a children’s book titled I still love you. The book is about a preschool teacher helping her students navigate the realities of the pandemic.

Stephanie Davison owns a weight loss clinic

Stephanie Davison Cat Pet Cooper Season 8 in 90 Day Fiance

Stephanie owns and operates Skin Envy, a non-surgical weight loss center with two Michigan locations. Skin Envy has been in business for nearly 20 years and offers a wide range of treatments, including the Sermorelin injections that Stephanie injected herself on the reality show. Its website claims that Sermorelin “reverses[es] the biological signs of aging.

Skin Envy also sells HCG injections and mesotherapy, which the website says help with fat loss, as well as HydraFacials and B12/MIC injections. Although the success of these treatments is unclear, its customers seem satisfied as the website also has several passionate testimonials.

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