Topeka art lovers can find these new exhibits in April at 3 galleries

Every day is a great day to see art in Topeka. Here are three exhibits available for art lovers to feast their eyes upon in April.

Comfort in cadmium yellow

The Stephen Smith Gallery, 931 S. Kansas Ave., is featuring artwork by Emma Hixson, who is graduating from the University of Kansas in May.

Hixson’s work greets guests upon entering the door of the gallery. Cadmium yellow is prominent in her work, which explores comfort in subject matter, patterns and textures.

Her paintings have been combined with artwork created by students from Washburn Rural and Seaman middle and high schools in a 2022 Art Lockin held at the gallery.

Artwork from Washburn Rural and Seaman middle and high school students are displayed prominently.  The pieces are available for sale.

Students were invited based on interest in art and talent. Fifteen students participated. Smith’s granddaughter was one of the students who attended, traveling from Chattanooga, Tenn., to take part.

Art teacher Brad LeDuc, who taught Hixson at Washburn Rural, led the session.

“Each one of the students had to present a couple pictures of their work, and then he put together a slideshow as he introduced each student to everyone else,” gallery owner Smith said.

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