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Are you happy right now? If you are, hurray, you are in Heaven! If you are not, why not? How we answer this question right off the bat, without thinking too much on it, says a whole lot about our life. Being happy, though not an absolute prerequisite at all times in life, is an ultimate goal, aspiration, hope or maybe, yes a necessity in life. Everything seems to go more smoothly if we feel positively affirmed in our life, or happy. If we are not happy right now, we might look and see why not? Nothing is permanent, so change is inevitable. Can we guide the change at all?

Many of us carry an awful lot of baggage with us. Be this actual material things we own, rent, lease or use as ‘our own’, or experiences, resentments, fear or whatever from the past which we mentally drag around, or ideas concepts, beliefs and such we never seem to let go of , we have a lot of stuff. All the weight of all of the stuff is a burden. Do we really need all of this stuff to get along in life? Is this stuff the barrier to the happiness we cannot seem to get hold of? If our hands, minds and souls are all engaged in holding onto stuff, and we are not happy, we may see that letting go of some things may free us up to be truly happy. It will not make things harder.

Today’s book is entitled Big Red by Ellie Dias. It has a subtitle, How I Learned Simplicity from a Suitcase. Ms. Dias’s suitcase, aptly named Big Red became a literal and figurative burden on a journey she took to find, of all things, happiness. She had a big suitcase, and she realized through her trials and tribulations on her journey, much more than material baggage she was carrying. Her story uses a very simple metaphor that applies to nearly all of us in the Western world. What is your baggage in life, and what of this could you be rid of, freeing you up for lighter living? It is a good question for reflection and growth.

Nothing stays the same. Have you ever pulled out an old suitcase to use on a trip, and found a musty smell there upon opening, greeting you not too kindly? What is that musty smell? The last use? The lack of use? A message from the Universe? Who knows, but it does not go away with a little air freshener! It is the smell of unexpected change.

Knowing that all things do change, we need to consider how we may direct the change a bit, aim if you will, and use the effects of change for our better life. Things that get old are not in themselves bad or good, but if they are old and unused, or at least not freshened up now and again, they may get musty. This goes for ideas as well as material things. Can you think of any ideas that are currently dominating world events that just seem very out of date? That musty smell is in them. What would the fresh approach be, in your opinion?

Ellie Dias was planning, packing and setting off on a journey ‘to’ the “Happiest Place on Earth,” (Not Disneyland!) and all the planning and packing really ended up just being barriers, blockades and obstacles in her way. Where is the happiest place on Earth anyways? Many rather deep masters and guides in good living have said it is nowhere, or rather nowhere we need to go. It is right where we are at any given moment in life…if we can look at it right. That is a big IF! Anywhere will be what we bring to it, happy or not, and that my friends is our choice.

If you find your life choices have left you with some heavy baggage, perhaps it is time to lay it down, pick up a whole pile of ‘no-thing’, and see how that feels. We have a delusion instilled in us that what we have, own, get or can hold onto will make us happy. Today’s book, along with quite a movement in the Universal spirit says this is not truth at all. We have been bamboozled! Alas, it is never too late to adjust the sails, dump the ballast, and get the ship righted. See if you can find things in your life that do not serve you anymore, be they ideas, material things, beliefs or actions. The load can be lightened for each and every one of us. What will you take with you on the final journey of life? We suggest focusing all attention on that.

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