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The duo will play music from the recently-released, “Letters”

NOTick and Tyler Talbott are brothers who grew up in a small rural Nebraska town called Imperial, and have always had music in their lives.

“Our parents loved music, but we’re the only ones that write and perform,” said Nick, the older of the siblings. “We had bands in middle school and high school, but it wasn’t until college that we started writing, recording and touring together with our band.”

Things were going so well, that the duo, now based in Portland, Ore., decided to take a semester off from college and go all in on a music career, and they never looked back.

Following the release of “GRAY” in 2017, the brothers found themselves playing in front of sold out crowds and sharing the stage with the likes of ZZ Ward, Johnnyswim and AJR.

Rolling Stone even chose their hit single, “Run No More” as one of the Top 10 Songs to Hear Now in 2019.

“We’ve been grateful people listen and come out to the shows,” Nick said. “We feel like we have something to say in a way that people need to hear it. Music has had a powerful impact on us and has been a way for us to put words to emotions we didn’t know how to express.”

The Talbott Brothers will be performing at Vienna’s Jammin Java on April 16.

“Fans can expect a great rock and roll show featuring music from our new album, ‘Letters,’ with an intimate acoustic set in the middle of the set,” Nick said. “We’re storytellers at heart and put on a rock and roll show with our band and crew that shouldn’t be missed.”

That new album was recorded from a studio in the woods of Oregon during the pandemic, and is one the brothers spent a great deal of time on, writing a lot of the music traveling the country in an airstream and sprinter van.

“The collection of songs began as scraped together thoughts, journal entries and voice memos,” Nick said. “Some were from conversations with others and some were words we wish we would’ve or wouldn’t have said. The unresolved emotions of pain, fear, lost love, anxiety, and self-sabotage had finally caught up. At the core of the album are the marks of trauma, grief, and a desire for purpose.”

The Talbott Brothers define their music as “cinematic folk-rock for open highways, widescreen skies and the limitless reach of the American Heartland.”

One listen to “Letters” and you’ll hear its heavy, dark and descriptive lyrics, filled with words and melodies poured out from troubled hearts burdened by mistakes and seeking redemption.

“It is both bloody and beautiful, and it is nothing if not honest,” Nick said. “We found inspiration from traveling and sitting in our feelings, facing our demons and finding quiet.”

Their first single, “Burned,” which has a catchy chorus and inspires listeners to persevere through the challenging times, was well received by critics and fans alike, and is an evolution for the brotherly duo that combines their unique harmonies with an alternative-indie sound. In fact, during the pandemic, Nick noted the twosome experimented with developing new sounds.

Although it was released in 2021, the brothers didn’t get in front of a live crowd to play the music until March 26 of this year.

“We kicked off a 30-show tour in Portland and it felt great to be back out doing what we love and connecting with our fans again,” Nick said.

Looking ahead, the Talbott Brothers will be releasing some new singles by the end of 2022. and hope to make up for the two years they weren’t able to tour.

“We’re just thrilled to be back on stage, and looking forward to playing Jammin Java and having our music heard,” Nick said.


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