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Editor’s note: the show has been canceled.

Country singers weren’t born and brewed just in the Southern states. They can also get out of the concrete jungle of New York.

Although there is no country music scene, or even a country music station, in her Brooklyn neighborhood, Jessica Lynn was nurtured by classic country music early on, when her father filled their home with George Strait and Phil Vassar.

In high school, she and her band fell into rock and pop songs of the era, playing songs by Kelly Clarkson, No Doubt and others. But she never got over her country crush.

“I grew up and fell in love with stories – country music can tell a story like no other genre can,” Lynn said. “I took a leap of faith wanting to try and break in from New York. If you believe in what you’re doing and chase your dreams to the fullest, you can make things happen.

She and her six-piece band will perform Thursday at Sunshine Studios Live.

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Singer-songwriter Jessica Lynn and her six-piece band will perform Thursday at Sunshine Studios Live. Photo by Scott Vincent

Two of his singles, “Crazy Idea” and “Let’s Don’t”, caused a stir on the country charts in 2018. The first broke the top 50 and the second peaked in the top 40. His debut album, “Lone Rider,” due out September 9, dives into both country and rock and features 1950s-inspired songs with Motown harmonies over pop riffs.

“As a New Yorker, I grew up with so many different styles of music, and it shows in my songwriting,” Lynn said. “I don’t like to fit into a box. Art is art. It can be anything you want. When it comes from the heart, not the mind, that’s when it’s best.

Keen observers might notice Lynn’s resemblance to her bassist and background vocalist. Yes, they are respectively his father and his mother. And the lead guitarist? Her husband. His career has become a family affair, although it didn’t start that way.

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At first, her family members helped with administration and planning, and her husband was a guitar technician, but over time it seemed natural to include them in the band. Sure, it’s not always a rosy-cheeked Partridge family situation, as there are the typical family feuds and whatnot, but it’s still a pretty good deal.

“They respect it’s my project,” Lynn said. “You always know they have your back. This business is dangerous, sneaky, and slimy, and having people you know wanting the best for you and watching over you is priceless.

His family is also responsible for helping him find his place. After college, she was ready to commit to country music but didn’t know how to go about switching genres. So she turned to her father, a retired New York police officer who was also a successful New Age musician, “like Yanni,” Lynn said.

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At some point he had made a New Age music video and found success, and offered Lynn to try something similar. They did a special which was picked up by Rocky Mountain PBS and she took advantage of the opening to sneak into the backcountry.

“That’s how all my music came out – country flavored,” Lynn said. “It’s the fiery New York Italian that I am. I know what I want and I go after it. I said too bad if it’s out of the ordinary, too bad if it might not be well received. I followed my heart.

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