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LINCOLNTON — Preparations are underway at the Lincoln County School of Technology for summer camps unlike any the district has ever offered.

“We call them career camps,” said Dr. Cale Sain, director of career and technical education and director of the School of Technology. “They are for seventh and eighth graders. We offer six camps with varying interests. This is the first time we’ve been able to offer these kinds of camps, so we’re really excited.

Registration for these camps, completely free for parents, ends on May 13. Some camps are already full or almost full such as sewing and coding camps, but a waiting list is available. If there is sufficient interest, an additional camp may be offered. There are 30 places in each camp.

“Our camps aim to help students experience the wide variety of careers within a cluster,” said Kennan Eaddy, Senior Advisor and Workforce Development Coordinator. “For example, Public Safety Camp partners with various local agencies to provide activities for students to explore any area of ​​public safety that might be of interest to them, such as the Lincolnton Fire Department, Lincoln County EMS , Sheriff’s Department, 911 Communications Center, State Trooper. , and even NC FBI k-9 and behavioral analysis unit. Rather than providing vague overviews, the camps will give students real first-hand experience with specific tasks they may be required to perform in a chosen field. In healthcare camp, students will not only build their own respirometer, but use it to measure how different activities can affect a person’s breathing rate. The HGTV camp will guide students through the entire process of building a home, from masterplan design, curb appeal, and everything “behind the walls” and in between. We want students to have a real idea of ​​what is going on in these careers and if they can be suitable for their future.

Camps begin the week of June 20, STEM Camp, Coding Camp, and HGTV Camp. Public safety, health care and sewing camps will be offered the week of June 27. The camps will meet four days a week.

“We’ve worked on at least four to 12 career extensions of what we offer students in terms of career exploration and awareness. We recently held Careers on Wheels for the fourth year and professional activities for the fifth year. This is the next step in adding opportunities for our children and early exposure. We needed to do more to get kids thinking about their careers earlier. »

The camps are funded by grants.

“All camps are connected to the tracks we have at Lincoln County schools,” Eaddy said. “If the kids find they’re really interested, when they start planning for high school, they’ll know this is a path they can take part in. »

Sain added that camp teachers plan field trips, guest speakers and projects.

“It won’t just be us talking seven hours a day,” he said. “They bring in people from the real world to make it exciting for kids.

STEM camp

STEM camp touches on a multitude of subjects, which means there are related careers available for every interest imaginable. The camp will teach technical skills for future careers in science, technology, engineering, and math in a fun and engaging setting. This program will foster valuable 21st century life skills such as problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and more. Students will participate in a robotics project led by a local Blum industry engineer in Denver. We will also explore STEM connections with NASCAR.


HGTV Camp will cover the main stages of designing and building a home. The camp will start the week with plans and creating an apartment layout, then move on to foundations and framing. Mid-week the focus will be on the inner workings of the home with lessons in electrical wiring and HVAC. The week will end with curb appeal, how to make the house attractive with paint and design. Campers will board the bus for field trips to various sites to see the construction process firsthand. Campers will also have hands-on activities and access to computer software to teach them design, painting and electrical wiring.

computer camp

Computer camp is not just programming, it’s a way of expressing yourself through digital creation. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Public Safety Camp

Have you ever thought of becoming a police officer, firefighter or nurse? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to answer a 911 call? Hollywood gives us an idea, but how much is fair for show? This camp will offer a week of interactive and hands-on activities, learning about all of these careers and more! Get a behind-the-scenes look at what our public safety officials do every day. After attending a public safety week, campers will have a better understanding of the skills needed to become public servants and will have created an emergency plan to use at home.

health care camp

Come explore the wonders of the world of health sciences. Join us as we build a hand, create and use a respirometer, explore DNA extraction, and find out if color affects taste.

sewing camp

Are you interested in design and want to learn how to sew? This is the campsite for you. Come and learn basic design, sewing skills and knowledge of sewing machines as campers complete beginner level projects. Our sewing camp theme is Ready for the Holidays. We’ll be making projects you can use on your travels this summer. Students will learn how to dye, machine parts, how to thread the machine, how to bobbin, straight stitch, reverse, zigzag, how to insert a zipper and more. During this week of camp, students can make a wide variety of projects that they can use while traveling, including a pillowcase, pillow, lanyard or tote bag, lanyard, t- tie-dye shirts, etc.

Registration for these camps, completely free for parents, ends on May 13. Some camps are already full or nearly full, but there is a waiting list. If there is sufficient interest, an additional camp may be offered. There are 30 places in each camp.

Camps start the week of June 20, STEM Camp, Coding Camp (coding is currently on a waitlist), and HGTV Camp. Public Safety, Health Care and Sewing Camps (Sewing is currently on a waiting list) will be offered the week of June 27. The camps will meet four days a week. The camp will run Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Campers can bring their own food or take advantage of the summer meal program.

Registration is available online at (scroll down the page and look for Career Exploration Camps 2002), or in person at the School of Technology, located at 1 Timken Drive at Lincolnton, or call 704-732-4084.


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