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Was the Spokane Shakespeare Society Production of “Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)” Worth Watching? JThat’s the question.

The Spokane Shakespeare Society, in partnership with Spokane Parks and Recreation, has put on a play called “Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)” by Anne-Marie Macdonald September 8-25.

The play was first screened at Riverfront Park before moving to the Duncan Manito Park Gardens. The production is a humorous version of the two classic Shakespearean dramas “Othello” and “Romeo and Juliet”.

The Spokane Shakespearean Society had a small cast for the play, consisting of only six people, but managed to cast multiple actors as multiple characters.

The show follows constancy head bellyan assistant professor at Queen’s Uthe university, which initially working on a research project to prove that the two aforementioned Shakespearean works are actually comediesalthough commonly called tragedies.

Ultimately, head belly finds herself literally immersed in the world of both “Othello” and “Romeo and Juliet”, interfering with the plots of both tragedies and ultimately prevent many deaths due to the original works from occurring.

The play itself was designed to cater to Shakespeare lovers. While the main character used contemporary language and slang, the characters from the “Shakespearean world” use eold-modern englishh, the language which Shakespeare wrote; youits facet of the piece makes it particularly difficult for young audiences and those who have not read or seen “Othello” or “Romeo and Juliet” to understand exactly what is going on.

Be that as it may, the play still contains humorous elements worthy of spectators of all ages and backgrounds, mainly comeROMs head bellyit is lines and characters’ comic blocking. It’s also very commendable that each of the cast members was able to memorize their lines, whereas most of the play is in Shakespearean English.

Ja simplistic stage and minimal props allowed the actors to wear the performance; instead of focusing on elaborate costume designs or visual effects, audiences were able to pay attention to the characters and their respective arcs.

One feud I have with the show has nothing to do with the casting and more to do with the synopsis of the play itself. The premise that the main character was trying to research how “Othello” was a comedy struck me too weird because when i readOthello”, I understood much of the tragedy being driven by racism. Othello was sabotaged because he was considered unworthy of Desdemona and his high-ranking position largely because of his race.

This could very well be attributed to the fact that the play was written almost 40 years ago, and ultimately the Spokane Shakespeare Society did not portray Othello as to be black, which took race out of the question for the public. Still, I found it odd that the piece focuses on Othello, as opposed to other tragedy that could have been more easily satirized.

Overall, I think the cast did a great job. Of my point of view, standout character was constancy head bellyplayed by Abby Constable, as she was able to carry the show with great energy while simultaneously rememberingdialog pages.

The Spokane Shakespeare Society additionally Didentifier incredible work to make his shows accessible to people in the region, because they were free and located in public parks.

The production itself proved that for audiences young and old, a reimagining of Shakespeare has more to offer than tragedy.

Kaelyn New is editor-in-chief. Follow her on Twitter: @kaelyn_new.


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