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Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark have hosted the “My Favorite Murder” podcast that has aired episodes two to three times a week since 2016.

Surging in popularity in recent years, podcasts have offered a new medium to find entertainment, information and relaxation. Here are five podcasts to give a listen to whether you’re walking to class, making dinner, getting ready for the day or doing just about anything else.

“Something Rhymes with Purple”

This winner of the best podcast award at the 2020 British Podcast Awards features lexicographer Susie Dent and media personality Gyles Brandreth making their way through the English language, highlighting all of its word etymologies, grammar reasonings and pronunciation explanations. Featuring hundreds of episodes centered around various topics, listeners can learn all about the vocabulary behind weddings, circuses, Indian English and more. Fascinating and informative, “Something Rhymes with Purple” is a surefire way to learn something new about the words we use every day.

“Today, Explained” by Vox

While there are innumerous podcasts that will give you the day’s headlines, very few break the stories down as much as Vox’s “Today Explained.” Describing itself as the “all killer, no filler, Monday to Friday news explainer,” hosts Sean Rameswaram and Noel King not only give you the day’s headlines, they and their fellow Vox reporters dive deep into some of the most noteworthy news stories of the day, providing background and context. With complex stories often dominating the headlines, “Today, Explained” is the perfect way to make sure you’re as informed of a citizen as you can be, all in just over 20 minutes.

“Popcast” by The New York Times

The New York Times pop critics join together once a week to discuss the biggest pop news or release of the week. Hosted by Jon Caramanica, he and the Times’ pop critics discuss their personal opinion of recent albums, the social context surrounding today’s biggest songs and the latest controversies within the industry. With topics ranging from the global expansion of Reggaeton to the Joe Rogan and Spotify controversy to your favorite pop star’s newest album, both fans and belittlers of top-40 pop are sure to find something interesting.

“My Favorite Murderer”

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark have hosted this true crime podcast that has aired episodes two to three times a week since 2016. Exchanging their favorite murder stories, Hardstark and Kilgariff also invite their listeners to join in on the story telling. Each episode features a “hometown story,” submitted by listeners on the podcast’s website. For fans of the podcast, or “Murderinos,” as they call them, the podcasts website doubles as a blog, where fans can submit their own murder stories, get recommendations from the hosts and purchase merch.

“The Atlas Obscura Podcast”

Taking listeners around the world without ever leaving their home is the Atlas Obscura Podcast. In just 15 minutes, Monday through Thursday, listeners can hear all about some of the most unusual tourist destinations in every corner of the globe. From the last Sears in New York City to an abandoned reservoir turned art cave in Copenhagen, listeners are sure to be taken somewhere they’ve never been. As a bonus, each Friday, Atlas Obscura Podcast does a 45-minute-deep dive into another special location from around the globe.


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