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Kerry Katona’s late ex-husband tried to strangle her while he was driving.

The former Atomic Kitten singer has opened up about the abuse she suffered at the hands of George Kay – who died in 2019, two years after they split – and claimed he beat her every day during their relationship, even when she was pregnant with their daughter DJ, now eight.

In an excerpt from her memoir ‘Kerry Katona: Whole Again’ obtained by The Sun newspaper, she wrote that he strangled her in the car: “I could barely breathe and honestly thought I was done for, when he released his grip, pulled over, opened the passenger side door and pulled me out of the car by my hair.

“I fell, hit my head against the door. He spat on me, got back in the car and drove off.”

Kerry explained how George went wild after sharing a funny anecdote during a home visit about singer Bryan Adams inviting him to eat vegetables.

She wrote: “I’m telling the story to George and the owner, I had this big plate of vegetables in front of me and I didn’t feel like it, but Bryan kept squeezing me into his fantastic Canadian sled, ‘Eat them, you have to eat your vegetables!

“‘And then Bryan Adams fed me broccoli with a fork,’ I said proudly to George and this random owner.

“There was nothing sexual or romantic about this moment with Bryan. It was just a pleasant exchange between two people who had just met and got along – in front of their loved ones.

“But George didn’t see it that way. We left the house tour quickly, got in the car and as we drove off he had one hand on the steering wheel and one around my neck.”

She told how the former rugby player blamed her when he assaulted her while she was pregnant.

She wrote: “Even though my stomach was growing, he was pushing me, punching me and spitting in my face. Soon after he was apologizing, telling me how much he loved me and gently letting me know that everything was okay. my fault for pushing his buttons. And then I’d be the one to apologize.”

In a separate clip, Kerry – who also has Molly, 21, Lilly-Sue, 19, Heidi, 13, and Max, 12, from her previous marriages – revealed she secretly got pregnant with an actor named Mike shortly after leaving George, and considered redundancy before deciding to keep the baby, but then suffered a miscarriage while working in India.

Explaining how she was warned that she would be prosecuted if she did not show up for the concert, she recalled: “I remember feeling the blood running down my inner thighs as I sang the hits of Atomic Kitten .

“I was again taken to the hospital in this foreign country, where I was told that the fetus was still inside me and that she still had a very, very weak heartbeat.

“The doctors couldn’t do anything. I stayed in the hospital for a few days until there was no heartbeat.

“The doctor said that the dead fetus could stay in the womb for up to three months before falling naturally.

“I was about to have a miscarriage because that child didn’t survive, but I guess technically I finally had a termination because she was taken out of my body by a nice doctor.

“Now remember, at that time I was a mom of five, my babies were – and still are – absolutely everything to me and it went against every motherly instinct I had, but I knew this child was not meant to be.

“Even now I can’t bring myself to call her my daughter. It’s not me who’s heartless, it’s just my truth. A dark and sad chapter in my life.”


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