Kali, Artist’ on display at the Columbus Museum of Art

"Self-Portrait Photo Booth, Los Angeles, California 1964" by Kali

In the early 1960s, young Joan Archibald, a newly divorced single mother, drove across the country from New York and landed in Malibu, California.

There, the blonde beauty met such Hollywood stars as Richard Chamberlain, Steve McQueen and Frank Sinatra. Moving to Palm Springs, she bought and moved into a house owned by Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. But hanging out with famous artists was not his goal.

The photograph was. And it was a very unconventional form of the genre in which she mixed photography, painting and collage and labeled ‘artography’.

Not at all interested in promoting her work in galleries or museums, Archibald – who had remarried and renamed herself “Kali” – stuffed her works into silver Samsonite suitcases where years later the cache was discovered. by his daughter, Susan Archibald.

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