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One day last week I was talking outside with a middle-aged friend when my wife joined us. At one point, I referenced the many issues we had recently had with mechanical possessions. Our water heater was broken, our tractor was in the shop waiting for a part, and our van was causing us a lot of trouble. “Well,” he said, “that’s too bad.” He nonchalantly launched what the media calls β€œthe F-bomb”. I was shocked, as was, I guess, Michelle, and asked her not to use that kind of language with my wife. He immediately apologized.

A few minutes later, after Michelle left, he came to her defense, giving me a short mini-lecture about how much things had changed since I was young – including the language. He claimed the once offensive word was now widely used, including in conversations with women, who, in fact, weren’t shy about using it themselves. I replied that I don’t use it around my wife or in my home and would prefer it to stay that way.

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Chuck Avery is a retired teacher who grew up in the Bucktown neighborhood of Connersville.


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