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During World War II, gasoline was rationed according to need; thus, almost every car displayed an “A” sticker on its windshield, which entitled the owner to 4 gallons per week. (We never learned how my uncle Bob, a notorious con man, got a “B” sticker, which meant 8 gallons.) When you could get it, gas was about 21ยข a gallon – about 2 $.25 in today’s money – but the average worker was making about $50 a week. When a driver is lucky enough to find gas and the money to buy it, they may notice, as they drive down the highway at the 35 mph speed limit, a billboard with the message “Is this trip really necessary?” A patriotic citizen and eager to contribute to the war effort, he will slow down. He might even decide the trip wasn’t necessary, go home and park the car.

It may have been reasonable in 1941-1945, but it was only a world war. Today, despite the exorbitant price of gasoline and an economy that is experiencing a period of record inflation, we would do neither. We realize the logical way to bring gas prices down is to stop buying gas, but as Americans we don’t let the pandemic, or inflation, or the nightmare of trips keep us at home. Were going.

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Chuck Avery is a retired teacher who grew up in the Bucktown neighborhood of Connersville.


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