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DEAR ABBY: My niece, ‘Amanda’, is 19 and is quite close to my daughter ‘Hayley’, who is 18. Since graduating from high school and through her freshman year at college , Amanda left town to meet men. she meets online. Amanda shares her location with Hayley via Snapchat “in case something happens”. My niece does this without telling anyone (other than Hayley) and often uses my daughter as a cover for her parents.

These aren’t just dinner dates, but usually weekends away from home. Hayley always tells me when Amanda’s away. We are both concerned about his behavior because human trafficking is real. I tried to tell Amanda about it, but she insists she’s safe and knows what she’s doing. My question is, should I tell my sister (her mother) or not? They don’t really get along, and that will only make things worse. — FEAR FOR HER IN IDAHO


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