Body painting exhibit at Vanderelli Room in Franklinton

With eight brushes in her left hand and one in her right, Lynn Hetherington Becker went to work on her canvas.

Shortly after starting, she asked her “canvas” to move a bit closer. Then, she wondered aloud if the temperature in the room was OK. Could she pluck a hair?

On that recent Sunday, Gwen AP (that’s her artist name) was Becker’s canvas.

As Becker coated Gwen’s abdomen in turquoise and cobalt blues and swirled around her breasts in a beautiful metallic gold, the two women chatted about motherhood, fashion and their lives as artists.

Artist and model Gwen AP of Westerville is painted by Lynn Hetherington Becker at Becker's home in Dublin.

“I always start with the torso,” said Becker, circling her model’s navel with her brush. “I want to give you liberty with your arms and legs as long as possible.”

Soon, Gwen AP would be covered head to toe in colorful body paint as Becker, inspired by an intricate Indian mandala-like design, transformed her into something magical in the middle of Becker’s living room in Dublin.

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