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A Beaver Dam High School alumnus is back in town and working with a downtown studio to create a durable clay mural that will then be placed outside the building.

Jeremiah Jacobs graduated in the class of 2002 and had Kris Schumacher-Rasmussen as an art teacher. Jacobs said the Schumacher-Rasmussen ceramics course opened him up to his life goals.

“She exposed me to the idea that people were doing this professionally,” Jacobs said. “Before that, I thought everyone had careers as a welder or a carpenter.”

Jacobs attended school at the Art Institute of Chicago. He said he was also apprenticed under Joel Huntley, of Columbus, along with other potters in the United States. In 2011, he was named artist-in-residence at the Craftsman House Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida, and later worked as a house gaffer, the chief electrician in a film or television production unit, at the Morean Glass Studio & Hot Shop. .

Schumacher-Rasmussen is the owner of Art on the Town Wisconsin: The Studio in downtown Beaver Dam. Schumacher-Rasmussen said she has fond memories of having Jacobs as a student.

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“He lived on the potter’s wheel in the ceramics room,” Schumacher-Rasmussen recalls.

The two reconnected on Facebook and started talking about the project some time ago for Jacobs to work on returning to the area to visit family.

The community is invited to participate in the clay mural project, Schumacher-Rasmussen said, adding that it’s also an opportunity for the community to see the caliber of artists created by Beaver Dam schools.

Jacobs started the community event on clay last week. Community members are invited to the studio when it is open to work on the project. It will eventually hang on the back of the studio building, Schumacher-Rasmussen said.

Jacobs said once the piece is finished, it will be glazed and take at least a month to dry. Upon completion, it will be hung in pieces at the rear of the building.

“We try to do a unique and different approach,” Schumacher-Rasmussen said. “Beaver Dam has a lot of fantastic murals, but we wanted to do one using a different approach.”

Jacobs said he appreciates all of the recent art that has been added to Beaver Dam.

“It’s such a good time for the city,” Jacobs said. “It’s great that the city is moving in this direction.”

Jacobs will also be teaching “The Raku Experience” on Saturday, July 2. Raku is a style of Japanese pottery originating in the 1580s. The practice is characterized by removing a clay object from the kiln at the height of firing and cooling it very rapidly to reveal unique and beautiful colors.

Those attending the event that day will be able to choose a pot that will be glazed before the process of creating the Raku fired clay begins. Prices range from $25 to $75, but those making the artwork can take the items home.

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