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We’re so excited to bring 72 Hours back as its own publication.

Cheers to our first issue back, and to everyone who participated!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the pandemic has been tough for a few years. Newspapers were already suffering and took a hit like every other business (except maybe Amazon and DoorDash). As we can now see so clearly in the rearview mirror, the pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives. It has affected different groups of people, businesses and organizations disproportionately. This has certainly affected our creative class, whose value and gifts have always been woven into the fabric of our local economy.

For the past two years, 72 Heures has been based on the Thursday News-Post daily. Going forward, we will continue to publish 72 hours in this format every Thursday, and it will be available as an insert in the daily newspaper, as well as in multiple locations throughout Frederick County. Pick up a copy and plan your weekend!

A little history for the curious: 72 Hours was originally called “The Next 72 Hours” and served as a weekend guide. We abandoned “The Next” more than 10 years ago, but the mission remains the same: to inspire and give you lots of ideas of things to discover in our region every week.

We look forward to sharing even more arts and entertainment stories with you, spanning restaurants and craft beer, music, film, theater, dance, visual arts, literature, fashion, l history, comics, video games, getaways and outdoor recreation. We’ll be sure to mention a few family-friendly options as well. We hope to give you plenty to add to your ‘must-see’ lists, without having to travel too far (and these days so many events are livestreamed so there’s often that option too – if you’re not totally burnt out on the screens now).

We will also include profiles which I believe will help us get to know and understand the people who live, work and sometimes visit here.

And would it even be 72 Hours without all the quirky, quirky stories we find in our community and share with you? Like the three Frederick High School grads we talked about who spent 15 years filming a new Star Wars story, or our “investigative piece” about what local chefs eat when they get hungry, or our story about Sam Barsky, the guy who knits sweaters from all the places he’s been to (by the way, we wrote about him in 2017, and he still goes there: see sambarsky.com).

There is so much to celebrate here.

And just quickly, about me: After studying creative writing in college, I quickly found a job as an editorial assistant at the Frederick News-Post, then located in downtown Frederick at 200 E. Patrick St. I will always remember my first visit there. , when I arrived for the job interview. I felt at home among the piles of newspapers and notebooks, some of which seemed to reach almost to the ceiling. I was in the right place.

I became editor of 72 Hours a year later, in 2007, then took over as editor of 72 Hours in 2011. For about three years, I left – with a brief stint as art editor at Baltimore magazine, then I lived on the road. I returned as editor at the height of the pandemic, in March 2021, with my biggest dream being to bring 72 Hours back as its own publication. I certainly couldn’t have done it without the tremendous support of the entire News-Post team. Thanks to serious efforts at all levels – our publicity department, press and carriers, writers and designers, publisher and owner – this dream is coming true.

For me, 72 Hours has never been about me or even the Frederick News-Post, but about the artists, business owners, craft brewers and artisans who live and work here and make Frederick County the colorful and creative community that it is. 72 Hours is meant to be a reflection of that.

And that brings me to YOU. I would love to hear from you. And, truth be told, I’m still bouncing ideas in my head for what this page 3 will become in the future – our top picks for things to do this week, pic of the week, strips comics created by a local artist, a column? (It’s not uncommon for me to decide on something at the very last minute.) So if there’s something in particular you’d like to see here, just let me know. My email is llarocca@newspost.com, and I check it often.


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